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Wrath Vortex Tube and Grip

Wrath Vortex Tube and Grip



TATSoul Wrath Tube & Vortex Grip Set - One Box of 25 1" Disposable Grips

TATSoul's Vortex Grip is manufactured from a patented gel-like material to provide the most comfort and shock absorption. These ergonomically designed grips are also custom molded directly on to the Wrath tube to facilitate an easier procedure by eliminating spinning. 

The Wrath Tubes are made with precision injection molding technology to produce maximum ink flow and stable needle support. It has smooth contours to ensure that needles do not snag while being inserted and a thin profile tip for precision tattooing. The tube is semi-transparent so that the ink is easily viewable in the tube reservoir.

Wrath Vortex Tubes are a grip and tube set. It has a 1" grip diameter and an overall length of 4.375". One box contains 25 individually packaged, EO gas sterilized sets - each with a Vortex Grip and your choice between round, flat, or diamond Wrath tips.


  • Available with Round, Flat, or Diamond tips

  • Vortex grip custom molded directly on tube for better control and to prevent spinning

  • Specially formulated gel-like grip material and ergonomic design absorbs shock and provides maximum comfort

  • Semi-transparent tint and thin profile Wrath tube allows maximum flow and easy view of ink

  • Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilized and individually packaged; single use only

  • Price per one box of 25 Vortex Wrath Tubes

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