Uncle Matty Supplies



Mission and Testimonials

The mission of Uncle Matty's Supplies is to provide high quality products and excellent customer service to U.S. based studios and their clients in a timely manner.


Lindsay Baker

Artist - NiteOwl - Northampton, MA

"The moment I switched to redemption for tattooing, I noticed that my clients were coming back healed perfectly. It's piece of mind knowing my clients have an easier healing process." 



Big Meas

Artist - Sacred Hand Tattoo Society - Columbus, Ohio

"Since I started using Redemption years ago I noticed a big difference in redness in my tattoos. It was tremendously less and it helped me make my shading work much smoother. "



Timmy B.

Artist - NiteOwl Northampton, MA

“Redemption….. It actually does make a difference.  It’s not greasy or oily.  A great multipurpose lubricant for artists and clients use.”



Rich Pineda

Artist - The Vault San Clemente, CA

“I have been using redemption for a long time. Its great stuff. I love it as my glide because it keeps the skin calm and great with heals”


Josh Payne

Artist - Ascend Gallery Cortland, NY

“Redemption Tattoo care makes my life easier, my tattoos heal faster allows my work to stay cleaner and brighter. I wouldn’t recommend anything else.



London Reese

Artist - The Black Lantern Orange County, CA

“I hate petroleum because it clogs the pours.  Best stuff on the market is for tattooing and aftercare is Redemption Tattoo care because it allows for a great heal everytime”