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Quartz Cartridge Needles by Peak (Box of 20)

Quartz Cartridge Needles by Peak (Box of 20)

from 22.00

Designed with a unique stabilizer and inner membrane for our Quartz cartridges. The inner membrane works to provide ideal tension for more fluid tattooing sessions while the stabilizer keeps the needle from moving side to side. We're the only ones to offer cartridge needles with a stabilizer. Experience the difference this stabilizer makes.

We take pride in providing cutting edge equipment with superior materials and quality construction. All cartridges are made from disposable materials and are in individual sterile packaging so that artists can focus on their work safely and efficiently. All cartridges are also tested multiple times for guaranteed performance.

Key Features:

  • Inner membrane for fluid tension and no back flow of ink

  • Stabilizer mechanism in every cartridge

  • Efficient cartridge removal and replacement

  • Sleek, hygienic design

  • High quality single-use material construction

  • Sterilized and individually packaged

  • Compatible with all cartridge system grips and machines

Technical Details:

  • 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm (#8, #10, #12)

  • Round Liner, Hollow Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, Curved Magnum

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