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FK Irons Darklab Delta Footswitch - Black

FK Irons Darklab Delta Footswitch - Black



Black Darklab Delta - Portable Footswitch by FK Irons

FK Irons brings us the built to last Darklab Delta Footswitch. Machined from aircraft aluminum and anodized for durability, the Darklab Delta Footswitch is designed to last your entire tattooing career. It is RCA ready, eliminating faulty cable issues. The footswitch is lightweight, has an anti-skid pad to keep the pedal in place and is portable, making it ideal for travel. With internal dual springs and hinge system, it is super responsive. The Darklab Delta Footswitch is available in seven colors and is guaranteed for life. Make sure to check out all the FK Irons products we carry.


  • Quantity: 1 footswitch

  • Airplane aluminum

  • Black

  • Anti-skid pad

  • RCA ready

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Guaranteed for life

  • Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA by FK Irons

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