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Envy Needles on the Bar

Envy Needles on the Bar

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Tattoo Needles and Cartridges

For over a decade we have been dedicated to crafting our renowned and trusted Envy Needles, known for passing through tattooing's most meticulous inspections and available in configurations for every style of work. More recently we have introduced our now highly sought-after Envy ENSO line, comprised of the strongest Japanese Steel and absolute sharpest needle pins that retain their points throughout the longest of sessions.

We proudly carry the long-standing Cheyenne Tattoo Cartridges as well as the popular Prime+ Cartridges, perfect for the cost-conscious artist who doesn't want to sacrifice quality. If you are looking for a membrane cartridge and demand the best needles, we got you covered with our Envy Needle Cartridges, available in an expansive line up all groupings for every type of tattooing.

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