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Cheyenne Hawk Spirit

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit


Hawk Spirit Specifications:

  • Frequency:  50 – 150 strokes/second; 0 – 3mm depth

  • 12V DC precision ball-bearing motor

  • Nominal voltage:  5 – 12V DC

  • Compatible with Cheyenne power supplies

  • Compatible with standard power supplies (adapter cord and Start-Up Facility Cord may be necessary)

Hawk Grip Specifications:

  • Diameter Options:  22mm (7/8”), 25mm (1”)

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design

  • Immediate needle depth adjustment

Hawk Needle Specifications:

  • 10 needle cartridges per box

  • More than 40 different configurations

  • Sterilized and hygienic – single-use disposable material with medical plastic tips

  • Efficient cartridge change and replacement

  • Safety membrane keeps pigment, germs, bacteria, etc. from entering the motor or client

Key Features:

  • Flexible and lightweight for every style

  • Smooth performance with less noise and vibration

  • Precise strokes with highly sensitive reaction times – suitable for every skin area and types

  • Easy needle depth adjustment and ergonomic handle bar adjustment

  • Meets strict hygiene regulations (ISO 9001 and 13485 Medical Guidelines in the U.S)

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