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PEAK - Matrix Rotary Pen

PEAK - Matrix Rotary Pen



Our Matrix Pen offers the same kind of accuracy and control as our Kyan Pen. It has a 4mm stroke length and operates between 7.5V and 10V using a powerful Faulhaber German motor. For the smoothest procedures, use vaseline on the needle bar; vaseline can also be used on our Matrix Pen for long-term operation.

Our Matrix Pen has a tapered grip for a comfortable hold, and works with most cartridge needles. It comes equipped with two O-rings, a right angle RCA cord, three drive bar nubs, and an allen key.

Key Features:

  • Machine body

  • Comfortable tapered grip

  • 4mm stroke length

  • 7.5V 9000s speed

  • Faulhaber German motor

  • Operates between 7.5V and 10V

  • Cannot exceed 11V

  • Vaseline can be used for long-term operation and minimal vibration

  • Works with most cartridges

  • Equipped with O-rings, allen key, drive bar nubs, and right angle RCA cord

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